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Home PageAbout UsSearchContact UsSite Map provides a complete compliment of computer services. is your helpdesk one-call resolution point, only $2.00 per minute.  If the call requires on-site service you do not pay again or double, your helpdesk call charge is deducted from the first hour on-site charge.  On-site service through our HelpDesk Technical Support Groups is only $125./hour business, $99./hour residential.  Helpdesk support and on-site technical support covers all the bases for any emergency service or remedial maintenance needs.  Our charges for helpdesk support and on-site services are normally pre-paid.  This is why we can afford to provide services at these prices.  No problem when it comes to SLA agreements.  SLA agreements tailored to your needs.  You decide how much you need or want in service's.   Purchase as little as $125. in services to be used for any of our services.  A small to mid-size business may want to purchase as much as 50 block hours, or start with our  5 block hour, for only $550.00 this is 5 hours on-site support and may be mixed in use by using our helpdesk service.   

Needs Assessments: Get an analysis of your network security with a needs assessment.  Performance reports for servers, systems, network devices, printers, and much more. 

Service Level Agreements:  Needs Assessment Pre-requisite - $125.00 applied to 1st months service.


Remote Data Backup Services:

HelpDesk Technical Support  -  No agreement per minute phone support charge, single call resolution.  Telephone Technical Support - Windows 95 trough Windows 10, Office 97 through 2016, email setups, VPN setups, POS systems, wireless configurations, ISP support, and Internet.  If we do not support it we will find you someone who does.  Specialized product support for your organization can be tailored for specific needs.  If you need an IT helpdesk will provide you the highest level of expertise, using only degree, certified and/or experienced technical support agents.

On-site support   $125.00/$99.00* 1st hour on-site. And billed at only $31.25/quarter hour thereafter.  No travel charges for Austin and surrounding areas.   

Pre-purchase 5 block hours $550* :

Pre-purchase 10 block hours $990.00* :

Pre-purchase 25 - premium package $1800.00* - Ideal for companies that need only a part time IT Administrator or on-site technical support assistant.  This package gives you the best coverage and support for the lowest cost ever.  You will be supported by degreed, certified and or experienced professionals at less than $75.00 per hour on-site.  This is a perfect solution for companies of any size that needs temporary staffing for IT support, from helpdesk to on-site consulting, system repairs, website building, training, administrator duties, upgrades and update support, cabling/networking, relocating and much much more. 


 We accept personal checks, cash, pay pal, VISA, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express.




*May incur additional trip charge $15.00 - $25.00 depending on area and fuel cost.  0-25 miles one-way $0, 26-50 miles one-way $15.00.  51-100 miles one-way $25. plus.  Outside 100 miles will incur travel time at 1/2 the hourly rate charged, no trip charges.  Hunters Chase, Millwood residential special low pricing.  NW Austin business's special low pricing.  Call or email for quotes.  Check on remote presentations. 

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